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| 23. August 2022

Milestones and records in 2021: PRIMEPULSE sets the course for a promising future

“We are determined and strong to continue our success story”, says PRIMEPULSE Co-Founder and CEO Klaus Weinmann with the presentation of the 2021 annual report and big ambitions for the future of the company.

“We are determined and strong to continue our success story,” says PRIMEPULSE Co-Founder and CEO Klaus Weinmann with the presentation of the 2021 annual report and big ambitions for the future of the company.

2021 was another challenging year for the economy, dominated by Corona and inflation, lockdowns, supply shortages and price increases. Nevertheless, corporate profits and share prices set new records on the stock markets.

The robust economy provided the Group with a tailwind, enabling it to achieve new records overall thanks to the great commitment of the teams at PRIMEPULSE and in the portfolio companies. Milestones include some exciting VC investments in promising growth themes, numerous value-enhancing acquisitions, very successful exits and an outstanding IPO in spring 2021.

“Milestones are there to be surpassed. They are the success of a strong team and the commitment of each individual in our group,” says Klaus Weinmann and emphasizes: “My thanks go to all employees of the PRIMEPULSE Group as well as to our customers and business partners.”

Success needs the right setup

With its strategic venture capital partners, PRIMEPULSE Holding invests in technology-oriented companies at an early stage and supports the growth of promising founders, business models and teams with capital, entrepreneurial know-how and its network. It supports hidden champions in their further development and transformation process up to the IPO and beyond in being public. For listed companies, PRIMEPULSE is a valuable sparring partner, encouraging them in the implementation of new strategies and the conquest of new markets.

PRIMEPULSE Investment philosophy

As a matter of principle, the Munich-based company pays attention to strong market positions, sustainable and agile business models, distinctive corporate cultures and motivated teams, commitments in growth markets and “real” results, i.e. solid cash flows and net profits.

Entering into an investment is one thing. Developing the company through all phases and leading it into a bright future is the other. The investment holding company offers growth capital, resources, experience, a strong network, and special in-depth industry or technology know-how, which it actively contributes when PRIMEPULSE itself or one of its partners is in the lead. The CEO explains, “This allows us to exchange and realize ideas with the founders that will take us forward together. We invest in entrepreneurial personalities and when we can offer clear added value as a team.”

“PRIMEPULSE’s investment philosophy is buy-to-build & to-develop, which means we want to grow and develop with companies over time to unlock their value creation potential.”

Klaus Weinmann, CEO & Co-Founder

Isar Valley Munich

The “Isar Valley” Munich, THE technology hub in Germany, is the ideal location to develop investment activities in the tech/IT environment. Increasing connectivity, data volume, automation and mobility are the big challenges of our and next generations. PRIMEPULSE sees opportunities in this and believes in the growth markets of the future such as Industry 4.0, (Industrial) Internet of Things, Energy or New Space. The investment focus is therefore on sustainable innovations, digital technologies in future markets (deeptech) and IT, i.e. especially the latter topics, which the founding and management team of PRIMEPULSE overlooks and understands from their many years of entrepreneurial activity and experience. Because they are convinced that innovations and technologies can contribute to a sustainable world worth living in.

PRIMEPULSE is an investment holding company with a clear focus on investments in the technology/IT/digitization sector in the B2B environment and around one billion euros in assets under management (AuM).

The scope of our portfolio companies

(Consolidated group plus Mindcurv and Cenit, without VC investments)

Image Source: Joey Kyber on Unsplash

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